Completion date:
August 2023

The pier in Kirkwall Marina is a popular facility used as berthing for local and visiting small boats and yachts. Casey Construction was tasked with carrying out repairs to ensure the pier remained safe and functional for its leisure users.

Special features: in situ repairs

The piles supporting the pier were eroded and required in situ repairs, with Casey’s team cleaning the structure and installing new shutter piles to reinforce and preserve the existing steelwork. Work was also required on the surface with new cope beams and deck slabbing, which required pre-cast concrete units, up to 13m in length and weighing up to 50 tonnes, to be cast and installed at the site.

The process:

To repair the eroded piles, the workforce had to go in and remove damaged concrete and metalwork and clean what remained. New sheet piles were welded into place and concrete poured in situ. New cope beams were constructed and installed to replace damaged sections and support the surface structure. Once installed, new deck slabbing was laid and new ladders installed to improve access from berthed vessels. Additionally, three mooring bollards were fitted to the pier.

Casey Construction also laid a new hydrant water main and installed new hydrants for use on the pier.

The results:

The work completed by Casey Construction has improved the Kirkwall Pier and ensured that the well-used facility will remain popular for many years to come.

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